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Routers Possess

Approx Price: Rs 50,000 / Piece(s) 

We bring forth for our clients a unique range of Routers that ensures proper translation of information from one network to another. It is also similar to a super-intelligent bridge that knows the addresses of all computers on each side of the network. Our routers know the addresses of bridges, computers and various other routers on the network. These routers help in best selection of path to route a message that is solely based on destination address and its origin. Furthermore, it can prevent head-on collisions by directing the traffic.

Our routers possess qualities to listen and determine the busiest sections of the networks. Until the clear up, our product can redirect the data around these sections. Besides, these routers are essential for connecting the school LAN to the Internet. This product further acts as the translator of the information present on the LAN and the Internet. These routers efficiently direct data packets from one network to another.



  • Directs signal traffic
  • Routes messages between any two protocols, linear bus, star and star-wired ring topologies
  • Routes messages coaxial, fiber optic and twisted-pair cabling
  • Determines the most efficient path through the network
  • Passes data packets between LANs or LAN segments
  • For boosting the network performance, routers forward data packets along that path



  • High-speed bridges, intelligent and bears higher costs as compared to the conventional bridges
  • The data packets flowing through these are thoroughly examined
  • Determines the compatibility of the packet's protocol & its destination
  • Ideal source for network bottlenecks
  • Delivers data to various geographically distributed networks
  • Filters out unnecessary network traffic from the segments
  • Works at protocol level and can logically separate networks
  • Acts as a firewall or barrier for stopping the unwanted entry or exit of packets from the network

Media Convertors

Approx Price: Rs 4,000 / Piece(s) 

For catering to the multiple media choice & complexity of modern day networks, we provide high quality Media Convertors. Our media converters are suitable for expanding, updating and optimizing network performance in mixed media switched environments. The unique Media Converter chassis (DX-MC-16) is a perfect highlight of the Dax Media Converters range. We make sure that these converters are hot-swappable at the time of installation so as to avoid network downtime. Further, there is a simple universal power supply in this device that helps in eliminating multiple power connections. All the contemporary media conversion needs can be catered by using our Dax Media Converters.


For more details pls refer to the pdf file attached:

Dax Switches

Approx Price: Rs 50,000 / Piece(s) 

We have in store for our SOHO & corporate users excellent array of Dax Switches. This range consists of enhanced, stackable, unmanaged, managed and backbone switches that have both with or without modular options. In addition to this, our clients can avail from us Desktop, Palm and Rack mountable size switches at industry leading prices.


For more details pls refer to the pdf file attached:

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